Micro-Credential: Fundraising Principles for

Student Organizations & Events


This micro-credential covered general fundraising information, best practices, and inside information on how to fundraise at Earlham. In this course, participants gained skills to become successful in fundraising at Earlham College and beyond. They also grew their knowledge about fundraising and philanthropy through various assignments and discussion topics.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand fundraising best practices inside and outside of Earlham.
  • Navigate the process of fundraising for student organizations at Earlham.
  • Develop skills that will better prepare you for fundraising post-graduation.
Before watching the recordiings, check out what our attendees had to say!  
Anon Earlhamite #1 ~
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“It taught me how to fundraise which is something that I never learned in this way before. Also, as someone who is considering volunteering for non-profit organizations in the future, I feel that this will help to know how to interact with the donors.”
Anon Earlhamite #2 ~
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“The adaptability and ability to maneuver through the variety of interests we came to it with-- speaking of, the leaders of the session, and also participants, were honestly really great and knowledgeable and open to questions/discussions. I'm a senior so I may not use the part of Earlham fundraising know-how, but if I had learned that earlier on it would have definitely come in handy multiple times. Also, this was a good group size.”
Anon Earlhamite #3 ~
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“The lectures and the content that was introduced and presented in the training sessions were very flexible to what individuals wanted to learn. A lot of the topics discussed in the last lecture were made in a way so that they helped answer the specific questions the students had, which was very helpful overall.”

Session Recordings & Discussion Topics 

Day 1: Sunday, September 13th 

  • Best practices
  • Fundraising vs. philanthropy
  • General fundraising information
  • Assignment Due: Share what you know about fundraising
  • Question for Discussion: Examples of fundraising best or worst practices

Day 2: Tuesday, September 15th 

  • Fundraising at Earlham
  • Working with Institutional Advancement
  • Contacting alumni
  • Question for Discussion: What are you most excited to do in fundraising at Earlham?

Day 3: Thursday, September 17th 

  • Fundraising education
  • Careers in fundraising
  • Answer case-speciic questtions 
  • Wrap-up
  • Assignment Due: Share 3-4 ideas that would improve fundraising at an organization.